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Documents Needed For Pre-K Registration

Documents Needed for Pre-K 4 Registration


All Qualifiers: 

  • Birth Certificate.  (Student must be 4 years old as of Sept 1 of the school year for which you are enrolling.)
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of ID
  • Immunization Record

Income Qualifiers:

(One of the Following)
  • Current paycheck stub
  • Current tax return if self-employed
  • Current TANF or SNAP eligibility letter

Language Qualifiers

  • Fill out Home Language Survey (Provided by School)
  • Language test will be administered to the child

Military Qualifiers

(One of the Following)
  • Verification of U.S. Department of Defense photo I.D.
  • Statement of service
  • Copy of death certificate
  • Copy of Purple Heart orders
  • Copy of official letter from commander
  • Copy of a letter from US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs
  • Documentation that service member is MIA

Foster Care Qualifiers:

  • Verification Letter of Prekindergarten Eligibility from DFPS

Star of Texas Award Qualifiers:

  • Copy of the resolution (certificate) awarded to parent of child.